Sell Designer Jewelry, Get the Most Cash

Jewelry is a fashionable ornament made of gems, gold, or diamonds. It is the answer to outfits that are lacking spark, the adorned garment. Cartier, David Yurman, Tiffany, Bvlgari, and other jewelry designers create valuable, beautiful, and demanded jewels for all types of occasions- wedding rings, fashionable wear, watches, and so on. Accumulating designer jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, can amount to lots of cash when sold to the right buyer. Selling designer jewelry is a task involving thoughtfulness, research, and choosing the right buyer.

Making a quick buck off your jewels is not the best answer. When you enter a “we buy gold” shop, you are at risk for receiving significantly less money than you deserve. Rather than gambling chances of being stiffed, put your trust in Metropolitan Buyers. Our buyers offer top dollar, in cash, for your designer pieces. We value all types of jewelry and recognize its true worth. If you have a beautiful, out of style, or unworn Gucci watch, Tiffany & Co ring or other designer jewelry, why let it settle in dust when you can put that toward an upgraded trend? We encourage you to sell your designer jewelry whether loose, rare, large, or small.


Metropolitan Buyers respect the value of each jewel received whether 100 years old or less than a year old. Going to a dutiful buyer is essential toward getting the most out of your jewelry. We want to provide you with the most information about your jewelry to be certain you know the monetary value.

Men, women, and even children wear jewelry. However, we all have pieces that are no longer worn and simply sit in a box all day, every day. Deciding to sell these jewels is a huge investment for you where you can make your unworn jewel into a new prized possession, tackle some bills, or plan a vacation.

We buy ALL designer brands including the ones already listed and MORE. If you want to sell your jewelry, call today with any and all questions. See how Metropolitan Buyers can swap your jewels for a large chunk of change.