Selling Diamond Jewelry For Cash

Many of us have a tendency of accumulating large amounts of designer jewelry engulfed in diamonds because they are just so irresistible, sparkly, and gorgeous. However after years of collecting you may have large sums of diamond jewelry that just goes unworn and out of style.

If you would like to sell your diamond jewelry for cash, coming to Metropolitan Buyers is a promise for a trustworthy and beneficial selling experience. Rings, brooches, necklaces, and any other jewelry is wanted at all times.Any color or sized diamond is a valuable asset for us to buy and resell at a price you will know of and agree with.


Selling diamond jewelry is a profitable experience, the more you have to offer the more money you will earn. You then will have money to spend, and a jewelry box free of unworn accessories. Our process is simple, easy, and fast too. You can call us with any questions or come into our office in Manhattan. We can’t wait to buy your diamond jewelry!

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