Looking for the best place to sell your Rolex in NYC? Metropolitan Buyers pays the absolute most when someone is looking to sell their Rolex or other luxury watch in NYC. Bring in your Rolex, Hublot, Cartier or other luxury watch and leave with cash in your hand.
If you own a watch that you no longer wear or one that has lost its sentimental value, trade it in for cash! If you want to sell your Rolex in NYC, call or stop by for Metropolitan Buyers to look at it and pay you top dollar. They buy all models of Rolex in any condition- new or used. They also buy watches that are not working.
If you are in the New York City area, you’ll experience a fast and enjoyable transaction with Metropolitan Buyers. You can call or e-mail to speak with a watch specialist who can answer all of your questions and offer an appraisal right over the phone. Be sure to provide detailed information such as your watch’s make and model number as well as any pictures you may have and include the condition. Metropolitan Buyers will set up a meeting so you can bring your watch in for a free and genuine appraisal. Upon agreement, they will make you an offer for your watch in cash.
You don’t have to live in the city to do business with Metropolitan Buyers. If you are located outside of the New York City area, you can still sell your Rolex in NYC. Just call or email for a free quote, after which you can send it in to their expert appraisers and they will carefully examine it and call you to provide you with an offer. Metropolitan Buyers specializes in watches and has a high-end clientele that demands these top brands, allowing them to pay a premium price for your watches.
Although Metropolitan Buyers will buy any luxury watch, they particularly specialize in buying Rolex watches. Whether you are thinking of upgrading to a new timepiece or just need some extra cash and want to sell your Rolex in the NYC area, call Metropolitan Buyers at 212-300-6406 or visit online at metropolitanbuyers.com. 
It’s never been easier to sell your Rolex or other luxury watch. Just call Metropolitan Buyers in NYC for a free phone appraisal on your pre-owned, used or new Rolex watch, or fill out the form online to receive an estimate. Their shop is conveniently located in NYC’s Diamond District and is one of the finest places in the tri-state area to sell your Rolex or other luxury watch for cash in all of NYC.
Why sell your Rolex to Metropolitan Buyers? Simple. You’ll get the full fair market value, and cash the same day. Metropolitan Buyers is the only supplier to openly list their buying and selling prices for customers to see.
Time to sell? Bring your new or used Rolex in to the NYC location at 47 West 47th St. or call to speak with a watch specialist at 212-300-6406. Customers appreciate being paid top dollar for watches when they come in to Metropolitan Buyers.

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Metropolitan Gold Buyers
(212) 300-6406
47 W 47th St #2e, New York, NY 10036

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