Selling Rolex Watches

With various designs to choose from, it is no wonder that Rolex is one of the biggest selling designer watch company in the world. From luxurious, to casual, to business professional, the options are endless and the company continues to produce the most wanted and desirable watches. Rolex watches may be upgraded yearly, but their face value always remains. 

As Rolex upgrades their styles, you may want to upgrade your watch game. However, perhaps it isn’t in your budget to buy a new watch especially when your old one works wonderfully. A grand idea would be to sell Rolex for top dollar in NYC‘s Metropolitan Buyers. Metropolitan Buyers regard the value of your watch and believe that Rolex watches can be traded in and resold at high prices. We effectively honor great customer service by offering an¬†appraisal for your watch with no obligation to sell. We buy your watches and resell them to the public, because somewhere, someone wants your unworn Rolex.


Earning top-dollar for your watch allows you to go back to Rolex and upgrade your wardrobe once more. Continue to check the time in style and with elegance by selling your unworn Rolex to Metropolitan Buyers, then go and treat yourself

We offer you a price for your watch and also let you know what we will be reselling it for. We will have an appraisal for you within 24 hours of meeting you-and your watch. You can conveniently enter our location in NYC, call, or submit the form provided on our website.