Gold is a chemical element used in jewelry, teeth restorations, anti-inflammatory medicines, and more. Its purity makes it desirable to be worn since past centuries and will continue to shine in future generation. even a gold tooth is an appealing accessory. Gold is worth a lot of money per gram, karat, and especially, per ounce. Whether in coin form or made into jewelry, selling your gold is a guaranteed profit.

However, be cautious. Never sell your gold to “We Sell Gold” buyers that highlight every street corner in every town. Find a trustworthy buyer, such as Metropolitan Buyers. Gold buyers on local streets may be a fast and easy way

to getting cash, but it is no secret that you could be missing out on the true value of your gold. Metropolitan promises to pay top dollar for 1 karat of gold and more.

Selling gold is a great idea if you’re looking to invest in a vacation, car upgrades, tackle bills, or maybe simply a new wardrobe. If you are looking to make charitable donations, selling gold can bring you very far.

If you’re selling gold coins, charms, pendants, or other forms of gold, come to Metropolitan Buyers. Turn your gold coins into green cash. We are available Monday through Saturday to answer any questions regarding your gold selling inquiries. Selling your gold should be an investment for you, we always give you face value of your gold and tell you how much we resell it for.