Selling loose diamonds for cash is a great way to get cash when needed and can be very lucrative  although you should be aware of the wholesale vs retail diamond market and realize most of the times it is not really an investment, just a way of getting cash when needed. Sell diamonds in NYC to a reputable diamond buyer. Contrary to other kinds of investments, diamonds lack a value that is fungible although they stand up in the liquidity segment. Before you try to put your diamonds up on sale, make some attempt to find out about their true market value.

A gemologist laboratory or a qualified appraiser will be able to help you to determine the current market value of your precious stones. You’ll be given an appraisal report that has an evaluation on the basis of the 4 C’s of your diamonds which are carat, cut, clarity as well as color.

They do certify your diamonds but do not put any market value on them. Yet certification is a vital instrument to establish the value of your diamonds. Equipped having a diamond certificate, the jewelry marketplace can be explored by you to know the type of a deal your diamonds can crack!

Create an ad backed with helpful photos providing all the information on the diamonds being sold. You can put up this advertisement on your private website or in your local paper online. But till then do safe keep your precious diamonds in a banker locker or another location that is protected. For your own security constantly try to meet with the curious parties in public places whenever you need to show your diamonds.

There are several areas to hold internet auctions like Ubid and eBay, Etsy, Main Street Fair and all are not bad so long as there are not any hidden fees billed for the services they supply.

Then you can sell them to a jeweler, in case you are averse to selling your diamonds directly. You are able to make a start by revealing your accredited diamonds to the neighborhood jewelers. The jeweler or another retailer understood to him may want to consider buying your free diamonds. High end jewelers can also be good alternatives to whom you can reveal your diamonds put up available. Make it a place to offer all information which you have about your diamonds. You can schedule a meeting with them for diamond screening, if they are interested. If a growing number of diamonds are owned by you and wish to sell them fairly frequently, the best choice is always to become a professional diamond dealer yourself. A diamond dealer acts as a broker between the seller and the buyer in diamond transactions. Being a middle man diamond dealer may be a profitable proposition as you can make plenty of fee throughout the transactions. Equipped with a few basic transaction training associated with diamond sale, you can be a section of the network of wholesalers, diamond retailers and diamond cutters. The American Gem Society offers home study classes concerning the diamond industry which will be able to help you to get certification from the Jewelers Education Foundation. As a registered jeweler you may have thorough knowledge about the diamonds as well as the ethics and standards of the diamond industry. It is possible to thus learn how to sell diamonds in a more profitable way in the ever changing, volatile gold jewelry market.