Are you interested in selling estate jewelry in NYC? In the event you have inherited some jewelry or if you just have a bunch of old gold jewelry which you are wanting to turn a quick profit on, there are several matters that you must consider before you sell your jewelry. You may have even found some jewelry at an estate sale or a yard sale and are thinking about how you can turn it into some cash, where someone has overlooked its real value. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction in order that you can get the most money.

How can you ascertain the value of your estate jewelry?

Obviously, you should sort through all of the jewelry to determine if it really is created of precious metal or not. A large amount of your estate jewelry is probably costume or fake jewelry. Large gaudy stones are often a dead giveaway on ascertaining if the jewelry is genuine or not. This kind of jewelry has some built-in value, but generally not a whole lot. You might consider selling the costume jewelry on an online auction website.

The next thing to do is to give your estate jewelry the magnet test. Just take a magnet and pass it across the jewelry. Some of the jewelry that’s not made of precious metal will stick to the magnet. Again, these bits most likely don’t have a lot of value.

Now that you have sorted through most of the pieces, take a close look in the jewelry to find out if it has a authentication stamp somewhere on the piece. The hallmark for gold will likely be the karat stamp. The karat stamp will usually be on the inside of rings, on the clasp of necklaces and bracelets, or on the post of earrings. The karat stamp will be 10k, 14k, or 18k. The higher the karat, the more valuable it is. Silver will usually be marked with “sterling” or “sterling silver”. In case you have some jewels that look like they may be diamonds, take those to a jeweler to have them scrutinized.

Now that you have sorted out the jewelry that’s real, you are halfway there. These kinds of pieces are where the real value lies in estate jewelry. Most folks don’t have any idea how much value there is in their gold and silver jewelry, and that means you should be sure that you do your homework before you sell any of it.